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How to Cure a Hangover in Seconds using Natural Remedies for Nausea - NoMoNauseaBand

How to Cure a Hangover in Seconds using Natural Remedies for Nausea

Dec 27, 2017


Dr. Jacqueline Darna

 How to Cure a Hangover

Hangover Cure in 30 seconds with 3 things!

   Looking for a 30 second hangover cure and how to stop a hangover before the morning after? Look no further.

Recipe is...

1. A little bottle of peppermint oil

2. Your finger or something that can provide pressure

3. A big glass of water.

how to get rid of a hangover nausea


   Did you know a hangover headache is actually caused by your brain sagging? The small connections securing the brain to the skull get pulled causing pain, or better known as the ragging hangover headache. 

The most important part is to stop a hangover before it starts! Apply peppermint essential oil close to the nares and apply acupressure to the P6 point of the human wrist, which is located three finger distance from the 1st wrist crease in between the pointer and middle finger tendon. Be sure to apply constant pressure 5 minutes and repeat every 15 minutes.

   The peppermint oil's aromatherapy stops active vomiting, while the oil seeps into the blood stream accumulating into the gut calming upset stomach. Peppermint essential oil, when absorbed or consumed, helps to increase the synchronized movement of food and alcohol down to help the nausea subsides. If the food goes down easier, nothing can come back up. Acupressure on the wrist creates anti-nausea hormones as you apply constant pressure to help stop a hangover headache before you get one. And a bonus is that acupressure's anti-nausea effect lasts 12-24 hours after the NoMo Nausea Band has been removed. 



how to cure a hangover

Don't forget to rehydrate, since the cause of a hangover is dehydration. For a long day of drinking it is important to drink 1 glass of water after every alcoholic drink.   Don't have time to keep pressing? Their are wristbands on the market that combine all 3 of these principles & help to trick your brain from having the dreaded morning after called NoMo Nausea, or just click below to purchase. If you get hot/flushed while drinking, grab some water and slip on a NoMo Nausea Band available at Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, amazon,, zulily and more to feel cool and stop the upset stomach before it starts.

   Neuromodulation is the last of the three secrets, also more commonly known as tricking your brain into not thinking it is hungover or has a headache, is the medical term. Activating pressure, temperature, and touch receptors simultaneously, it makes your brain and body forget how bad it feels. No Mo Hangover with just 3 small steps!

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