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The Scoop on the Unexpected When You’re Expecting (Again)

Aug 29, 2018


Maya Glander

The Scoop on the Unexpected When You’re Expecting (Again)

According to the Pew Research Center over 75% of women have more than one child. This usually means they have been pregnant more than once. Although many first-time moms research about the many bodily changes pregnancy causes, second- (or third, or fourth…) time moms don’t. But guess what? Some things change after multiple pregnancies. So keep on reading to find out more! Or check out Episode 15 of our Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast!

The Good News!

Less Ligament Pain

When you are multipara, the medical term for being pregnant for a subsequent time, you typically have less ligament pain. Your body remembers the stretched ligaments from previous pregnancies and allows them to relax easier. Also, your body produces more of the hormone relaxin, which increases the “stretchiness” or elasticity of your ligaments. Speaking of hormones, increases in prolactin and oxytocin increase milk production and feelings of warmth towards the baby, respectively. 

Feel Baby Kick Sooner

Since you’ve had experience with this, you’ll recognize your baby’s communication with you sooner. Most moms that have been pregnant multiple times will feel the baby kick sooner, usually around the 4thmonth.

Quicker Delivery

Since the birth canal is made of muscle, when your labor begins, muscle memory kicks into action. Due to this incredible mechanism, your cervix dilates about twice as quickly during your second delivery than during your first. This means that the average labor for primipara women (first-time moms) is 8 hours while for multipara women (second or more time moms) labor only takes 5 hours. This means you get to see your baby sooner!

The Less Good News

The Usual Pregnancy Symptoms

Some of the usual pregnancy symptoms still happen with each pregnancy. For example, you’ll still have to pee A TON. This is because your uterus, where your beautiful baby is growing sits on top of your bladder. This extra pressure on your bladder makes your brain think you have to go more often. You’ll still be tired and fatigued. Likely you will be even more tired because you already have a child(ren) you’re taking care of (which you’re doing a fantastic job of by the way :). Your belly will still pop, but it will often pop earlier with each subsequent pregnancy. You’ll also experience Braxton Hicks contractions earlier. 

More Back Pain

If you didn’t get your abdominal muscles back into shape after your last pregnancy, I’m sorry to say that there is an increased risk of back pain. Our abdominal muscles help us keep our back straight and our muscles are pushed out of the way and our weight becomes unevenly distributed due to the growth of a wonderful new human, it can really put a strain on your back.

Returning Complications

If you had gestational diabetes, pregnancy-induced hypertension or pre-eclampsia with the first child you are likely to experience them again with your second pregnancy. Cardiac abnormalities, specifically mitral valve prolapse, is also more likely to happen with the second child. This is because when you’re pregnant the amount of fluid in your body increases which can strain your heart valves.

Returning Nausea

Whether its morning sickness, anesthesia side effects from an emergency C-section, or nausea/vomiting during delivery, 80% of women experience some form of nausea during their pregnancy. Luckily natural solutions like the NoMo Nausea Band are now available in hospitals, BuyBuy Baby, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. You can also check out 

Make the Most of It

There’s definitely a good side to subsequent pregnancies but there are some less fun symptoms/risks associated with it too.  Regardless, here’s some great advice on how you can make the most of your 2ndpregnancy:

It takes a village. Don’t be embarrassed to ask friends and family for help so you can have an hour to yourself.  Whether you spend that at the spa, reading a book, swimming, or napping, take some time for you. You deserve it!

Use a belly band. This will not only help your back but they will keep your stomach muscles tighter. These bands can also be also great for getting your postpartum body back to normal.

Exercise. This increases the circulation of blood and excess fluid pregnant women accumulate during pregnancy and decreases swelling in your feet and other types of edema.  It’ll also help prevent varicose veins. That’s right! So maybe go take a walk after you finish reading this. You can also wear TED hose or those knee-high athletic socks and don't forget to put your feet up.

Have a hospital packing list. Even though your birth plan may not happen as you want it to, or thought it would, you can still be prepared. Bring a NoMo Nausea Band in case of nausea/vomiting and let the peppermint aromatherapy infused acupressure wristband work its magic. Also, bring anything you need for breastfeeding. This includes lanolin, olive oil, or any other nipple cream, your breastfeeding pillow, a nipple shield if your nipples are inverted and breast pads or a milk catcher like milk savers. 

Whether this is your second, third or fourth child, each of your pregnancies will be unique. But hopefully, you learned some of the common but unexpected changes your body goes through for baby number two. Most importantly, remember, you got this. From NoMo Nausea to you, enjoy the birth of baby #2!

DON'T FORGET to listen to Episode 15 of our Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast for more information, stories and advice!

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