Wellness: the Happiest Travel Trend

Wellness: the Happiest Travel Trend

Avid travelers understand that enjoying their journey is just as important as their final destination. And what's a vacation if you can't enjoy the whole trip? Or if you are missing out on fun activities because of motion sickness? Luckily, NoMo Nausea bands are here the help. The NoMo Nausea Band is the first and only natural way to stop nausea, vomiting, and headaches instantly for adults and kids when traveling by land, by sea, by air, so YOU can go where ever your adventurous self takes you.




How Do NoMo Nausea bands work?

 We here at NoMo Nausea, just like you, want you to be WELL. After all, don't you want to experience your vacation to the fullest? Nausea and headaches will only drag you down which is why we decided to share the comfort and brilliant design of NoMo Nausea bands with you! The ingenious combination of aromatherapy and acupressure work to combat nausea. The peppermint scent helps calm active upset stomachs in 30 seconds when smelled, whether you're in the car, on the top deck of the cruise ship or in that dreaded middle seat of the airplane. The acupressure on the wrist additionally helps produce anti-nausea hormones and stop travel sickness.

What are you waiting for? Worried it will get wet? It's waterproof. Worried it'll get in the way? It's slim and well-fitting design makes sure it doesn't get in the way. Worried about looking great on vacation? The bands are stylish and have plenty of colors to choose from. But, is it safe? Without a doubt, NoMo Nausea bands are the safest, drug-free option anyone would choose, for themselves or their loved ones. So bring back the fun to your vacations and don't lose any of your time to nausea by packing NoMo Nausea bands on your next trip!

P.S. There's more!                                                                   

Here's even a little more persuasion: NoMo bands have won awards such as the Celebrity Mom Choice by Star Magazine AND been featured in Forbes magazine! So, learn more about this celebrity trending NoMo Nausea Band at www.NoMoNausea.com or find us on Amazon, at Bed Bath & Beyond and BuyBuy Baby, NoMo Nausea Band Kids in 6000 CVS stores. Just think of the vacations saved for a $12.99 purchase that fits perfectly in your carry-on, backpack or purse. Wellness of the traveler will make or break any vacation, so choose happiness with NoMo Nausea bands and stay well anywhere in the world.




November 20, 2017 by Maya Glander
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