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"Deadliest Catch" Avoids Boat Loads of Sea Sickness - NoMoNauseaBand

"Deadliest Catch" Avoids Boat Loads of Sea Sickness

Nov 13, 2017


Maya Glander

"Deadliest Catch" Avoids Boat Loads of Sea Sickness

Have you ever watched "Deadliest Catch"? How did former star Jake Harris avoid motion sickness? And how do the current captains avoid sea sickness from the ruthless Bering Sea? The answer is reason #46: the NoMo Nausea Band. Sea sickness is often caused by the miscommunication between the inner ear, eyes, and brain. Your inner ears may detect the slight rocking motion of the boat even if your eyes can't see it. So, when your ears send the signal that you are moving, but your eyes send the signal you are not moving, your brain is confused, causing the well-known feelings of motion sickness. But, NoMo Nausea bands ( fight these confusing signals so you don't get sea sick on your next trip out on the water.

How NoMo Nausea Bands Work

Whether the boat is rocking and shaking from side to side and being blasted by the freezing water of the Bering Sea like in "Deadliest Catch" or you're simply out on a calm fishing trip, the NoMo Nausea band is here to help! The No Mo Nausea band functions by two different physiologic systems. First, the aromatherapy of natural
peppermint oil helps to soothe nausea by the direct antihistamine action of the peppermint scent. In other words, the antihistamines your body produces when you smell the peppermint oil fight the histamine (produced from the mismatched signals in your brain) your body produces and wins, relieving your nausea within 30 seconds. Second, acupressure at the P6 point on the skin surface increases serotonin levels that helps to decrease motion sickness for the first 72 hours. Whether you're on a short boat ride or spending the day at sea, traveling across a calm lake or combating the perils of the Bering Sea, NoMo Nausea bands will make sure sea sickness stays away.

 But, the best part is, NoMo Nausea Bands are waterproof! After all, you can't be crabbing, fishing or on the water and worry about getting wet. With that, make sure your next fishing expedition, or cruise, or day on the water, doesn't have the discomfort of motion sickness and buy a band today! Whether you're on "Deadliest Catch" or not, BRAVE the seas with NoMo Nausea bands!


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