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Foods to Avoid While Pregnant. Pregnancy Pukeology Blog & Pregnant Podcast Episode 5

Oct 02, 2017


jacqueline darna

What Not to Eat When Pregnant

The Science Behind: Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnant women all agree that they should indulge in their cravings during pregnancy, but what foods are on the what not to eat while pregnant list. Here's a list of 5 common foods pregnant women should avoid and why.  It's one thing to say what not to eat while pregnant, but it's another breaking down each food group into the actual bacteria that could be detrimental on your health and the well being of your unborn child.  Check out these foods to avoid during pregnancy.    

  1. Pregnant ladies should not under any circumstances eat raw meat, shellfish, or unpasteurized milk can cause Campylobacter. This bacteria can get to the bloodstream and cause severe fever, headache , muscle pain, abdominal pain about 2-5 days after ingestion.  
  2. Summer mommies watch for Cryptosporidium from swallowing contaminated water from recreational swimming pools or lakes. Diarrhea, dehydration, weight loss, abdominal pain set in about 1 week after ingestion, so ladies keep your mouth closed while swimming with your other little ones.  
  3. Who likes hot dogs & lunch meat? Just say no to Oscar Meyer while pregnant because if heated unproperly can caused Listeria.  Unpasterized cheese and the smoked foods made in store chicken salad can be dangerous and start to grow slowly even at refrigerated temperatures. Bloody stool and other gastrointestinal systems are noted.  This bacteria can cause miscarriages, fetal death or severe illness in newborns . 
  4. Pregnant women have weakened immune systems so Salmonella and Ecoli from undercooked eggs or raw chicken, or coming in contact with fecal matter is dangerous.  Please ask your hubby to clean the cat litter to avoid Toxoplasma Gondii  
  5. A list of fish with high contents of mercury include: King mackerel, swordfish, ahi tuna, marlin, and bigeye tuna all contain high levels of mercury so they should be avoided 

Pregnant women are at an increased risk for food contamination because of a decreased immunity.  We are growing a baby for goodness sake!  Also our blood volume increases by almost 500mL to one liter to prepare for childbirth so think of a breeding ground for bacteria.  Your unborn fetus already has a high heart rate naturally, but if you get a fever they get over heated too and can cause a dangerously high heart rate, so contact your OBGYN if you contract any food born illness.  

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Tips & Tricks

Let’s be wise with what we eat because it’s not just us. OBGYN’s recommend gaining 25-35 pounds, which translates as 150 calories extra per day.  Did you know that 150 calories is a cup of yogurt and a piece of fruit? Cravings are okay and usually correspond to something you are missing from your diet even while taking your prenatal vitamins.  Listen pregnancy pukeology podcast Episode 3 for more information on which foods contain what type of vitamins. 

   Make smart choices and cook all of your food thoroughly.  Stay away from uncooked sushi and sashimi. Wash all your vegetables, you just don’t know who has touched them and if they washed their hands or even worst if they contain pesticides. While baking cookies, resist the urge to eat the cookie dough because that has raw egg.  Same thing for homemade egg nog and ceasar salad dressing.  

  Remember 2 numbers for me 145 and 165.  The FDA recommended minimum internal temperatures .  145 degrees for beef, pork, steaks, lamb chops as an entire piece and fish and when you go out to eat order your steaks medium-well. Now 165 degrees is for all ground meat, turkey, eggs like quiche and chicken. Buy all your meats and eat within 2 days of refridgeration. And yes you are more susceptible to infection so be careful what you eat.  I personally got the rotovirus while pregnant and was almost hospitalized for dehydration, and one of my best friends contracted listeria from lunch meat and was hospitalized. It really does happen. 

   Now to help with upset stomach throw on NoMo Nausea.  It won’t stop everything from going down but in my opinion its better than coming up. NoMo Nausea now found at Bed Bath & Beyond, BuyBuy Baby, & 6000 CVS stores to get rid of nausea or vomiting within seconds and is recommended by doctors across the country.

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