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What Causes Motion Sickness? Secret Behind the Seasickness Patch - NoMoNauseaBand

What Causes Motion Sickness? Secret Behind the Seasickness Patch

Jul 02, 2021


Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Why do we get seasick? Many factors contribute to the motion sickness nausea sensed on a boat. Motion sickness in general can be derived from problems with the inner ear, misleading eyes, fast movement of the stomach contents, inefficient stomach valves, anxiety, or intensity of what you want to do.  Movement of the waves and the bodies interpretation via the eyes and ears.  This is called the bodies sensing system, and when motion is felt by one sense and not the other that causes motion sickness. 

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Why do I get car sick?

Have you ever sat in a parked car at a stop light and the car next to you moves forward but you feel like you have just gone backwards?  That is the sensation of what I like to call "eye trickery." The nausea and vomiting receptor, called the CTZ or the puke center of the brain, that is activated by the body sensing system is actually located outside the blood brain barrier. Motion sickness meds passes thru the blood brain barrier, making you very sleepy.  The premise behind anti-nausea medication is if you're sleeping your not puking but it doesn't actually target the nausea receptors that you have in 5 places in your brain and in your gut.  
When people who have a history of car sickness, motion sickness on roller coasters, or get dizzy standing up too quick, they generally tend to have a higher risk of seasickness.  Think about that before you book your first cruise, or just grab a NoMo Nausea Band and stop seasickness instantly and it's natural too so you don't have to worry about missing anything unlike the side effects of other sea sickness medicine Dramamine or Scopolamine. 
Side effects of scopolamine, the nausea patch. How to get rid of motion sickness: NoMo Nausea Natural nausea remedy. 5 dangerous side effects to get rid of sea sickness and the best is wristband with peppermint leaves due to the infusion of peppermint oil explaining safe for morning sickness, kids, and hospital use called NoMo Nausea. Dr. Darna, inventor of NoMo Bands describes how can help motion sickness remedies that work. NoMo Nausea, a sea sickness relief bracelet, is 25% off with code PUKE25.

Scopolamine Patch OTC & How the Nausea Patch Works

   Motion sickness pills and other sea sick pills work off of the premise that if your sleeping you're not puking. Hence why they all make you sleepy. A lot of people think that the patch is not like that because you are not ingesting a pill, well I am here to bust that myth.  The seasickness patch, called Scopolamine, contains 1.3mg that can be administered over 3 days when left on. When placed behind the ear, the medication is slowly going thru the skin until the active sea sick medication wears out. This motion sickness patch over the counter contains a class of medication called and anticholinergic.  This is a fancy word to say that it crosses thru the blood-brain barrier and can give you crazy side effects like drowsiness, dry mouth, increased heart rate, and if it comes in contact with your eye can cause your pupil to dilate and one side of your face to droop like a stroke. Are all of these side effects worth it? 
best motion sickness medicine comparing all anti-nausea meds and motion sickness pills. Dr. Darna compares and contrasts all antiemetics and their side effects. Her favorite is NoMo Nausea, best motion sickness remedy, combining essential oil infused nausea pressure bracelet to stop nausea or vomiting in seconds and is stylish and waterproof too. Buy from amazon, walmart, meijer, or

How to get rid of car sickness?

   Make sure on your next fishing trip, cruise, or fun boating day you have the ONE essential tackle box and carry on must have, NoMo Nausea Instant Relief. Most people love to fish on a boat but don't enjoy the seas when arriving to see perfect deep sea fishing spot. And even the most experienced fishermen can not predict the weather, or when rough seas seas that would make anyone run to shore, would hit. Imagine reaching into your tackle box for NoMo Nausea and getting sea sickness relief in seconds. 

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How to get rid of motion sickness 

   NoMo Nausea is a three in one patent pending combination which is fast-acting peppermint aromatherapy that people smell the actual bands which instantly traverses the nose into the brain the fastest way, and can stop vomiting within seconds. The distraction technology of the cooling sensation of the peppermint oil upon the wrist helps to make people forget their sick in the first place. And last acupressure functions by applying constant pressure to the P6 points on the human wrist. The median nerve that lies underneath that point on the wrist increases the amount of anti-nausea hormones that your body naturally produces and helps to keep it circulating for 12 to 24 hours even after the band has been removed. NoMo Nausea produces your bodies natural hormones that help block the sickness response and can stop you from getting sick before you get on the boat, so put on NoMo Nausea before you leave shore on every fishing trip.

How to prevent sea sickness?

Find out more about your favorite new fishing product from (coupon code: WORRYFREE) for only $12.99, or pick it up from select Bed Bath & Beyond stores or after ordering online at NoMo Nausea Kids is now available at your local CVS store, because fishing is no fun unless it's enjoyed with the family. 

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