What is morning sickness like? Pregnancy Pukeology Episode 2

Morning Sickness:

What is it & What does it feel like?

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Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast starring Dr. PukeNoMo is perfect for all women who are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant and want to know what is morning sickness like, does pregnancy nausea only come in the morning, and what are some natural solutions to help those pregnant mommies enjoy their pregnancy. The science behind why women puke due to morning sickness & our podcast wouldn’t be complete without a few pregnancy puke stories that will give you the comical relief you need and tips to stop the up-chuckle. Comedy + Science + Edutainment = Pukeology Podcasts in Pregnancy Episode 2 WHAT IS MORNING SICKNESS LIKE.

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Pukeology Science: Morning sickness is associated with nausea and vomiting, and is known as a presumptive sign of pregnancy. New studies link morning sickness sensation as a sign of a healthy pregnancy linking morning sickness to a lower risk of miscarriages but suffering from nausea and vomiting are actually side effects that can be eased. Still 20-30% of women don’t have morning sickness and still deliver healthy babies. You could feel nauseated early in the morning followed by vomiting.  If you want to know when morning sickness starts check out episode 1 pregnancy pukeology podcast called When does morning sickness start?

Causes of morning sickness: smells & tastes primarily. Perceived heightened sense of smell when women gag at certain odors. According to the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology “pregnant women have olfactors processes different from non-pregnant women.” 40% of chemical senses cooking odor, cigarette smoke, spoiled food, and perfume. Foods like beans, spaghetti sauce, fish, and eggs. 14% have phantom odor that resemble feces. Coping is avoidance of strong odors or eating something salty, eating smaller meals more frequently. Most heightened sense of smell resolves by the 2nd trimester

The term morning sickness is a misnomer for you can actually experience vomiting anytime of the day. Less than 2% of women with morning sickness had nausea and vomiting only in the morning. Reminds some of a hangover where you can have waves of nausea at any time including nausea, cramps, diarrhea, heartburn.

Tips and Tricks: Natural is always best.  Foods like ginger, lemons, or the pectin of apples have been shown useful but when I’m sick the last thing I want is to put anything down in my mouth as food increases stomach acids.  Women during pregnancy have an increase in acid reflux, hence the tums next to the night stand. Try acupressure on your wrist at P6 and peppermint essential oil first. Acupressure after 45 minutes helps your body increase anti-nausea hormones helping you to stop your morning sickness by placing the band on at night. Acupressure at P6 has been equivalent to the effects of Zofran, the most commonly prescribed morning sickness medicine, which has been linked to birth defects and heart problems in children of mothers who used the medication during pregnancy. Peppermint essential oil when smelled via aromatherapy helps to stop vomiting immediately because the fastest way into the brain is thru the nose. Each technique about 50% effective at reducing morning sickness.  And now NoMo Nausea Band has made it even easier by combining both into a stylish & waterproof wristband that is clinically proven to stop 80% of your worst pregnancy upset stomach.  


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