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How Accurate Are Pregnancy Tests

Oct 08, 2021


Dr. Jacqueline Darna

You took a pregnancy test and you got 2 lines, so what does that mean and can I even trust this plastic pregnancy test? Instead of reading the huge instruction manual inside the box, let me know your favorite pregnancy specialist doctor walks you through the truth behind pregnancy tests in NoMo Nausea Blog Post!

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How accurate are first response pregnancy tests?

Have you just missed your period? Or did you do it, and you are excited to know whether you have conceived before you miss your period? Then, you should do a first response pregnancy test.

The earlier you know you are pregnant, the early you start prenatal care. Early detection of pregnancy helps you make better health choices such as eating a pregnancy diet, doing moderate exercises, and avoiding things that interfere with your baby's growth, such as alcohol and smoking. Besides, early detection boosts your baby's survival. Read on to learn more about the first response pregnancy test.

How do the first response pregnancy test works?

When you conceive, your body starts to produce a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). The levels of (hCG) tend to increase as your pregnancy progresses. This hormone is excreted in the urine.

First response pregnancy tests have antibodies specific to the hCG hormone. The antibodies are coated with a chemical binds to hCG in your pee leading to a positive result. However, you may test negative when you are pregnant if you do the test early in your pregnancy when the hCG levels in your pee are very low. You may want to wait a few more days before you repeat the test in such a case.

How accurate is the first response pregnancy test?

The accuracy of first response pregnancy tests depends on when the test is done. The result may be harmful if done very early in your pregnancy when the hCG levels are not enough in your urine to be detected.

Most first response pregnancy tests are more than 99% accurate when taken a day before your expected period. These tests' accuracy rate tends to decrease when done days earlier before your expected period – 60% accurate when done five days earlier.

A negative result may occur if you fail to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, when the test kit expires, if exposed to sunlight or when there are very low levels of hCG in your urine. Performing the test using your early morning urine when the concentration of hCG is high is recommended.

What to should you do when you get a negative test result

A negative result indicates that you are pregnant or pregnant, but your body has not produced a detectable amount of hCG hormones. You should repeat the test 7 days after your expected period. If you still get a negative test result, see your health care provider find out other causes of missed period.

What should you do if you get a positive test result?

If you get a positive test result, it indicates that you are pregnant and your body has produced detectable pregnancy hormone levels. But, you need to consult your health care provider to confirm that you are pregnant.

When to check if you are pregnant?

When using the first response pregnancy test, you can check you are pregnant five days before the day you expected to have periods—this the period when pregnancy would have caused your body to produce detectable levels of hCG hormones.

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How long does it take to see if you are pregnant?

First response pregnancy tests are rapid tests to detect the pregnancy hormone hCG if you can get the result within three minutes if you do the test correctly.

How accurate are the Clear Blue digital tests?

Clear blue digital tests are one of the first response pregnancy tests that are very accurate. It is more 99% accurate when done a day before your expected period. Other than indicating whether you are pregnant or not, Clear Blue digital tests also show your pregnancy's progress (in weeks) since you conceived. The accuracy of the week indicator of the clear blue digital tests is 93%.

How to get a boy or girl?

Ovulation Tests like First Response comes with 20 test strips and will give you a YES or NO answer if you’re ovulating. 

The way it works is that it detects your levels of LH (leutinizing hormone). Now Clearblue advanced digital test also tells you your 4 most fertile days because of surges of setrone-3-glucuronide E3G. This test is great if you’re a planner like me.  It will map out your 4 most fertile days, so you can lock yourself up in the bedroom and like in the movie Ace Ventura “whimba-wop-whimba-wop” all day long. You also have the highest chances of making a boy because those 4 days are when you’re eggs are fresh off the tubal train, and as stated before the boy sperm are better swimmers and can get to the egg faster. 

The only issue is that if you have polycystic ovary syndrome (POS) don’t use it because it will give you an inaccurate reading since the ovarian cysts secrete a similar hormone and can give you a false positive.  If you don’t like to pee on sticks or strips, you can use Fertile-Focus.  This is a spit test.  Yes you heard me right, you spit on the lens, let it dry, and using the magnifying lens if you see a crystal-like pattern (think Elsa & Anna from Frozen) you’re ovulating. There are others that are over $60 for the month that can track your data and monitor your estrogen and LH, but try the above first. 

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Although morning sickness is not the ultimate determinate of sex, some have studied morning sickness of different times of the day associated with greater chances of one sex or the other. A Scandinavian Study found that girls in utero excrete 9% more estrogen, thus leading to more nausea during the first trimester. Testosterone secretion steadily increases throughout the pregnancy with no major spikes unlike girl embryos.  It has also been proven the majority of hyperemesis gravidarum, extreme morning sickness tht usually requires hospitalization, patients are carrying girls versus boys. Do you feel like your puking all day every day? Learn more about HG in Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 6, severe morning sickness.

Other than the science behind how to actually have a boy, here’s some real ideas to help you have a baby of a certain sex…

  1. Tighty whiteys vs. boxers: Men who wear tighter underwear keep their sac warmer and tend to have more girls, so if you want a boy throw on some boxers on your husband and give your balls some natural flowing AC. 
  2. Sex Positions: Deep penetration will give boy sperm a head start, so if you want a boy try doggy style, standing up, or straddling.

Orgasm…Ladies you need to cum before your man to make a baby boy.  Boy sperm survive in basic environments.  The vagina is acidic in nature until a woman has an orgasm.  The orgasmic juice is very alkaline and helps to keep the boy sperm alive. Ladies your man should make you cum before them (and multiple times), but it is even more important when baby making that certain sex you really want. 


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