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Why Do I Feel Tired While Pregnant

Oct 15, 2021


Dr. Jacqueline Darna

I bet your pregnant and can’t stop saying “Why am I so tired all the time". Well, if this is you superwoman who’s growing a baby, then this doctor's podcast is about to lay down the science behind pregnancy exhaustion in all 3 trimesters and how to boost your energy levels naturally while pregnant in this blog post.

Why Do I Feel Tired While Pregnant?

While pregnancy can be exciting, it comes with some challenges, and fatigue is not an exception. Pregnancy fatigue starts early in your pregnancy and goes along till late in your pregnancy. Pregnancy exhaustion may make you feel like staying in bed all the. Here is what causes fatigue during the first trimester and third trimester and what you can avoid.

When Will I Start Feeling Fatigued while Pregnant?

Would it surprise you to know that pregnancy fatigue can start as early as the first week of pregnancy? The truth is it is perfectly normal to experience pregnancy exhaustion a week after you conceive. Fatigue, even extreme tiredness, is actually a good sign that you could be pregnant. Approximately 6 in 10 pregnant women experience extreme fatigue even during the third trimester, and it very normal.

How Long Will the Pregnancy Fatigue Last?

During the first trimester, fatigue tends to be extreme, and you spend most of your time napping, lying around, or not doing anything constructive. But it reduces during the second trimester, which comes with a boost in energy. However, fatigue returns during the third trimester and lasts until you finally give birth.

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Why do I feel tired while pregnant?

Fatigue during pregnancy suggests that your body produces the pregnancy hormone required to help your baby grow. Here are reasons why you feel tired while pregnant.

Causes of fatigue in early pregnancy:

  • Increased levels of circulating pregnancy hormones such as progesterone that make you feel extra sleepy.
  • Having chronic morning sickness making it challenging to eat well and feel re-energized. Great news is we have the solution for you, NO MORE MORNING SICKNESS with this 3:1 essential oil infused pressure bracelet that is made by a doctor and mom and used in hundreds of hospitals during labor and delivery to stop your worst pregnancy nausea and morning sickness in seconds. 


  • Sharing micronutrients such as iron with your growing baby reduce your stores and makes you feel exhausted.


Causes of fatigue late in pregnancy:

  • Late in pregnancy, the baby bump with pregnancy symptoms such as lower back pain and restless leg syndrome makes it hard to sleep, making you feel exhausted.
  • Your baby is adding weight very fast, and carrying extra weight than you were earlier is exhausting.
  • Having many responsibilities such as a job, taking care of yourself and other children further increase fatigue in the third trimester. Stress that comes when preparing to have your babies such as shopping lists and baby name list leaves fatigued.

What Can I Do to Feel Better?

While pregnancy fatigue may not disappear completely, there are things you do and things you can avoid to feel better and energized.

  • Eat healthy food that boosts energy.
  • Following a healthy diet rich in an anti-inflammatory diet can help feel re-energized while pregnant. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and a low-fat diet with iron and proteins. Also, ensure you remain hydrated during pregnancy.

    Be sure to avoid processed such as white bread. Such foods contain carbohydrates that are rapidly digested and may make you feel more sleepy. Also, avoid caffeinated drinking beverages or natural stimulants like ginseng while pregnant because they interfere with your sleep pattern and make you moody. Instead, drink an adequate amount of water or fruits such as watermelon.

  • Exercise Regularly
  • Exercise improves your mood, promotes your sleep, and makes you feel better. Therefore, performing daily workouts such as aerobic exercise can help reduce fatigue during pregnancy.


  • Be sure to have an adequate sleep.
  • Sleeping for at least 8 hours every day while pregnancy reduces fatigue. 


    Why am I so tired while pregnant  First trimester fatigue Third trimester fatigue  Causes of extreme fatigue Extreme fatigue after eating  Foods that boost energy Alternatives to coffee while pregnant 30 why pregnancy makes you tired

    Not getting 8 hours of sleep? Try NoMo Sleepless Nights the first and only essential oil infused sleep point wristband to help you go off to sleep quickly and stay asleep longer.  It helps your body make it’s own melatonin, while medically sourced lavender help you get the REM sleep you deserve. Buy it now!

    Take 15- 20 minute naps during the day when you can to help rejuvenate your body. However, avoid taking long naps because they can make it hard to fall asleep at night and make you feel more fatigued.

    When Can I See a Doctor?

    While fatigue in pregnancy is normal, it can be caused by a condition such as anemia or hypothyroidism. If you experience persistent fatigue while pregnant, consider seeing your doctor. He or she will carry out some tests to establish the cause of constant fatigue.

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