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Baby Gender Prediction

Jun 11, 2018

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jacqueline darna

Chromosomes tell you whether or not your having a boy or girl, although you have a 50:50 shot at guessing, I know 100% it will be a baby human! Chromosomes are condensed DNA molecules that determine many of our characteristics, from our hair color, eye color, blood type and that's right, whether we are a boy or a girl. Chromosomes are found in pairs because we receive one from mom and one from dad.

What makes a boy or girl?

The pair of chromosomes that determine our gender, ingeniously called our sex chromosomes, consist of mom giving an X chromosome and dad giving EITHER an X or Y chromosome. As you can see whether the dad donates an X or Y is what determines the sex of the child. When dad donates a Y chromosome, you have a baby boy! And when dad donates an X chromosome, you have a baby girl!

How does timing affect your baby's gender prediction?

Depending on when you had sex and conception occurs during your fertility period can also influence whether you will have a boy or a girl. There have been studies that suggest sperm carrying a Y chromosome (meaning you'll have a boy) swim faster than sperm carrying an X chromosome (meaning you'll have a girl).
Since "boy sperm", or sperm carrying a Y-chromosome, swim faster they tend to reach the egg first when mom is at the beginning of her fertile period because the egg is farther up in the fallopian tubes. However, that does not mean having a girl is less likely, after all females do make up almost 50% of the population. Since "girl sperm", or sperm carrying an X chromosome, do not use all their energy initially, they are able to survive for days. As the egg travels down the fallopian tubes, "girl sperm" are able to fertilize it. So, studies suggest you are more likely to have a girl if you conceive towards the end of your fertility period. 
While some studies have suggested this, everyone is unique and science is constantly making new discoveries. Moving on, let's talk about...

Old Wives Tales Gender Predictions

We hear things from our friends, moms, grandmas, the Internet etc. about ways to tell if your baby will be a boy or a girl. But do these old wives tales hold any truth? Let's find out.

Morning Sickness or Afternoon Sickness?

SOMEWHAT TRUE. Some people believe that depending on the time of day you feel nauseated can determine the gender of your child. Specifically, morning sickness is attributed to having a girl while feeling nauseous in the afternoon is attributed to having a boy. This common pregnancy symptom can be affected by the hormones secreted by the baby which are secreted at different concentrations throughout the day. Changing your body chemistry in any way is sure to cause some type of reaction; however, this old wives tale may or may not hold true for you. But no matter the time or day of morning sickness NoMo Nausea bands are here for you. They stop 80% of nausea and vomiting, and the best part is, they're ALL-NATURAL!


Hair Growth and Pregnancy Glow

FALSE. It was believed that if your leg hair grew super fast it meant you were having a boy. People believed this because males produce a hormone called testosterone, and one of its functions is stimulating hair growth. Hormones are your body's chemical messengers that travel through your blood, that being said, the mother and baby's blood NEVER mix. So, that means your hair does not grow faster because you are having a boy. In fact, pregnancy glow is a result of mom producing more hormones and increasing blood circulation. Sometimes prenatal vitamins also contribute to the noticeable pregnancy glow. However, there are plenty of other great reasons to take them and if you want to learn more listen to Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 3 Why Take Prenatal Vitamins.

Baby Bumps and Experience

SOMEWHAT TRUE. Some people believe that the size of your baby bump and when you start showing can predict baby gender. It is thought that those with a more noticeable bump are carrying a boy. This is fairly TRUE because boys are larger at birth than girls. However, while you're pregnant, your body is naturally producing more hormones called estrogen and progesterone which are notorious for causing you to hold water and fat (this contributes to the bloating feeling you get at certain times of the month). Also, if mom has a shorter torso, the belly is more likely to be larger or "pop" because there is no more room to house the beautiful baby, male or female.  Furthermore, if this is child #2 or #3 or so on, you tend to show quicker, contributing to a larger initial bump no matter if you're carrying a boy or girl because your body remembers being stretched out the first time. So, hormones, torso length, and experience make "the bump" old wives tale only SOMEWHAT TRUE.

Do you believe in the Chinese Birth Gender Chart?

The Chinese BIrth Gender Chart is becoming super popular in our western world. Once one of your friends announces she is having a girl, doesn't it seem like all the other baby showers are for girls too? The Chinese Birth Calendar is a chart that lays out the mothers age versus the month of conception and states whether you will be having a boy or girl. Regardless if you believe in it or not there’s some science behind it. Zhou Enlai, leader of the communist Chinese government, began a countrywide health care reform starting in the 1940s. His goal was to determine the relationship between the newborn gender and the parents' personalities. Of the 3 million new babies born, he found a significant relationship among the babies gender, the mother’s age, and the lunar month the baby was conceived in. The correlation rate is the most accurate in moms ages 18-27 and the chances of having a girl were higher in women ages 28 to 34, which served as a reason for the Chinese encouraging young women to get pregnant. It also found that the paternal age had no correlation. To find out more about this Eastern belief just click the website under our podcast description, "Baby Gender Prediction" to get a look at the Chinese gender chart.

Gender Predictor: Am I Having a Boy or Girl?

Baby Gender Predictor Chinese Calendar - How to Make a Boy or Girl by Month

How to decorate a baby nursery that's gender neutral?

Regardless if you're having a boy or girl, these tips on how to decorate your nursery will give you baby room ideas on Pinterest from our @NoMoNausea page. Nursery ideas and inspiration for a neutral pallet and nursery organization are key to learning when decorating your baby's nursery.

  1. Mix and Match: Even if two pieces of furniture don’t appear to match, you can make them work! Don’t be afraid to play around with unlikely pairings or use the top of an old dresser for the changing table.
  2. Rearrange the furniture: This tip can help make a big difference. It will make your nursery feel completely new! Put your crib at a different angle, or change the position of your diaper changing table. Play around with the placement of your rug.
  3. Rug it out: There are no rules on how to decorate your nursery. Adding a rug can tie in different colors. Never be afraid to mix patterns, either!
  4. Having a nursing space: choose a corner where you can place a chair or footstool or a rocking chair for nursing. It will not only create a comfortable space but will also help break up a large area next to the crib.
  5. Create an eye-catching spot: A focal point can be on the wall or a baby mobile that dresses your nursery up. Create it with artwork, baby sonograms, or a colorful blankets.

Baby Nursery Ideas & Inspiration for Gender Neutral Baby Rooms

How to Conceive a Boy? How to Have a Girl?

Conceiving a boy or a girl all comes down to pinpointing when you are ovulating. Ovulating is the medical word for the fertile time period during your menstrual cycle. This is because the ovary has released the egg(s) and it's traveling down the fallopian tubes. Ovulation tests, like First Response, come with 20 test strips and will give you a YES or NO answer if your ovulating by detecting the levels of the hormone, LH. Clearblue advanced digital test also tells you your 4 most fertile days because of surges of setrone-3-glucuronide E3G. By having sex at the beginning of your fertile period or during those four days determined by Clearblue you have the highest chances of making a boy because as we said earlier, the boy sperm are better swimmers and can get to the egg faster. However, if you have a history of polycystic ovary syndrome (POS) you may get an inaccurate reading and/or a false positive. And if you're not a fan of peeing on sticks or strips, you can use Fertile-Focus. This is a spit test. Yep, all you need is a little saliva.  You spit on the lens, let it dry, and using the magnifying lens if you see a crystal-like pattern you’re ovulating. 

Other than the science behind how to actually have a boy or a girl, here are some real ideas to help you have a baby of a certain sex…

  1. Tighty whiteys vs. boxers…Men who wear tighter underwear keep their sac warmer and tend to have more girls, so if you want a boy throw some boxers on your husband.
  2. Sex Positions…Deep penetration will give boy sperm a head start, so if you want a boy try doggy style, standing up, or straddling.
  3. Orgasm…Ladies you need to cum before your man to make a baby boy. Boy sperm survives in basic (alkaline) environments. The vagina is acidic in nature until a woman has an orgasm. The orgasmic juice is very alkaline and helps keep the boy sperm alive. So ladies, if you want a boy, make sure your man makes you cum beforehand to get the gender you're hoping for.

And remember, when that morning sickness hits, whether morning, afternoon, boy or a girl, make sure to have NoMo Nausea Bands on hand! 

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  • Dimity Houston

    It may be right or wrong but whatever the result is it’s always fun to guess or predict about the baby’s gender while someone is in pregnancy. It’s not science but only a predicting game for fun and then wait for the final day to know whether the prediction was made right or wrong ;-). There are so many resources online which could be a good read. Here I would like to suggest an interesting article “Chinese Gender Predictor” on “WhatToExpect”. Hope you all also enjoy reading.

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