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All Inclusive Vacation: Cruise Packing List for First Time Cruisers - NoMoNauseaBand

All Inclusive Vacation: Cruise Packing List for First Time Cruisers

Feb 26, 2018


Maya Glander

  • All Inclusive Vacations: Cruise Packing List for Motion Sickness

The magic about vacations is loving the experience, and what's better than an all inclusive cruise. For one price, you get entertainment, food, and sometimes even all inclusive alcohol.  Feeling the wind in your hair on the deck, dancing the night away on a swaying ship, or dining with new friends is not complete without the guarantee that you won't be trapped in your cabin due to seasickness. 

DON'T forget Motion Sickness Remedies

    Forgetting to pack some sort of anti-nausea medication, remedy, or vomiting relief product can lead to a doomed cruise vacation. Most people assume that they won't get sea sick because the boat is so big so they don't think to pack anything, that they never got seasick before, or have never had a problem with motion sickness. 
    Nausea or vomiting is the most common side effect of travel. Cruisers forget that they can contract food poisoning or get sick from the water in other countries, may contract a cold or flu from being in close quarters, and the weather is unpredictable so just because you didn't get sick before doesn't mean you won't hit rough seas this time. What passengers don't know is to see the on board doctor is hundreds of dollars if the freebie pills they have in a bowl don't work. As an anesthesia provider who deals with puke all the time, those anti-nausea pills don't actually cure nausea, they just sedate you (make you so sleepy) so you forget you're sick in the first place because people don't throw up while they sleep. 

DO bring remedies that work for you

     Make sure you find a product that works for you whether you have motion  sickness, get a cold or eat food your stomach does not agree with and bring it with you. your sick and bring it with you. Talk to your doctor about prophylactic antibiotics, or research online the best seasickness medications.
    I personally prefer natural products and always bring these essential oil  infused acupressure wristbands from Peppermint aromatherapy can help to alleviate vomiting in seconds when smelled. The distraction of the cooling sensation of the essential oil upon the skin and acupressure at P6 on the wrist can help to stop nausea before you even get on the boat. Believe it or not, NoMo Nausea is clinically approved to stop 80% of nausea or vomiting in seconds whether its from travel sickness, cold/flu nausea, or even morning sickness due to pregnancy. NoMo Nausea Band's stylish waterproof design makes you WANT to wear it. Plus, there's a color to match all your outfits. Pick a set up before your next cruise at Bed Bath & Beyond, Buy Buy Baby, & find NoMo Nausea Kids at CVS, or get them on Amazon. After all, with a NoMo Nausea band, all cruisers can enjoy their vacation, try new foods, or get their sea legs for just $12.99.

Already on the Boat?  Secrets to Stop Sea Sickness Now!

If you forgot to bring anything for seasickness, here's some helpful hints:
  • Chew peppermint gum.


    Tape a balled up napkin to the P6 point on your wrist (see diagram).

      Eat the apple that's in your stateroom (the pectin in the outer covering has anti-nausea properties).

        Drink lots of water with lemon in it (citrus is known to decrease upset stomach).

          Change your scenery and do something that distracts you.

            So enjoy your next cruise and sail anywhere your heart desires with NoMo Nausea wristbands!  

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