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Hot Yoga (and the Benefits of Yoga!): Your Anytime Fitness Go To - NoMoNauseaBand

Hot Yoga (and the Benefits of Yoga!): Your Anytime Fitness Go To

Jan 15, 2018


Maya Glander

Your Anytime Fitness Go-To: Hot Yoga (and the Benefits of Yoga!)

What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga exercises utilize an abundance of breathing techniques and is practiced in a flow, similar to vinyasa yoga. However, unlike Bikram yoga, hot yoga emphasizes the importance of linking one pose to the next, creating its infamous flow. Hot yoga is also known for its repetitive sequence of yoga poses which makes it the perfect type of yoga for beginners and for the more advanced yogis because you can monitor your progress.

Benefits of Yoga

Practicing these yoga poses provide many benefits. Some of the benefits of yoga include: increasing your pulse rate and metabolism, relieving stress and building confidence. During hot yoga, your body sweats, and it sweats a lot. This leads to an endorphin rush after your yoga session, making you feel better than ever. Furthermore, yoga, whether hot yoga, Bikram yoga or other types of yoga is great for anytime fitness. You don't have to attend a yoga class to get the results you can practice the yoga poses at home! Plus, yoga is a great option for cross training. Whether you do CrossFit, dance or play any other sport, yoga is sure to benefit you.

But to get the most out of your hot yoga classes at your yoga studio, make sure to wear a NoMo Nausea wristband. The NoMo Nausea band is a slim, silicone wristband that fits snugly around your wrist. It combines the powers of acupressure and aromatherapy to make sure you get the most out of ALL your yoga classes. Whenever I got to yoga studios near me or try new yoga classes near me, I bring my NoMo Nausea band. When you wear it, you can sense the peppermint aromatherapy opening up your nasal passages, allowing you to take deeper breaths and fully emerge yourself into the yoga poses. Also, you won't have to worry about any nausea creeping up on you while on your yoga mat, which can happen if your heart rate fluctuates higher or lower than your body is used to. So make sure you have this yoga essential for all your yoga classes! 

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