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Graphic of two women dressed in Pregnant Halloween Costumes, woman in top right is Pocahontas and the other at bottom left is Belle

What can pregnant women be for Halloween?

Oct 26, 2022


Dr. Jacqueline Darna

What can a pregnant woman be for Halloween?

Pregnant women can absolutely celebrate Halloween. In fact, you can win best pregnant costumes because you have an advantage over everyone else because they aren’t growing a human like you do, so I think all moms are superheroes. If you already have children, think of a theme where you all can shine. Get the family dog involved too. Think about what pregnancy costumes will be appropriate for the weather on Halloween, regardless if you’re going trick-or-treating with your kids or a Halloween party with your significant other.



  Best Pregnant Halloween Costumes with disney princesses from Princess and the frog – Tiana, pregnant snow white, winnie the pooh pregnant costume, pregnant belle from beauty and the beast, and pregnant jasmine halloween costume

Are you pregnant and trying to figure out what to be for Halloween? If you're looking for some Disney magical inspiration, try being one of these adorable pregnant princesses. Check out all of these costume ideas in this video or get them broken down in this blog. Follow @NoMoNausea on all socials especially Tiktok & Pinterest to get more pregnant costume inspiration just in time for Halloween.


Best Pregnant Disney Halloween Costumes

Here are a few ideas: 

  1. Rapunzel Pregnant Costume
  2. Princess and the frog – Tiana Pregnancy Costume
  3. Frozen Elsa and Anna Pregnancy Costume
  4. Elena of Avalor Pregnant
  5. Princess Jasmine Maternity Costume
  6. Princess Aurora – Sleeping Beauty Pregnant Costume
  7. Merida Brave Pregnancy Costume
  8. Princess Belle Pregnant Costume
  9. Cinderella dress for pregnant Halloween costume
  10. Little mermaid pregnant costume


Halloween costumes ideas for pregnancy. Pregnant princess Pocahontas and pregnant princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog Disney movie. Go to to check out all the different colors and sizes of our NoMo Nausea Band for morning sickness and L&D (delivery room nausea) which naturally stops upset stomach in 30 seconds or less guaranteed.

Rapunzel is probably the easiest just buy a long blonde braided wig (you can reuse it as Elsa or even the Mother of Dragons for next year). Find any stretchy purple dress to complete the outfit.

For the Princess and the Frog, also known as Tiana pregnancy costume, get a stretchy yellow or green dress and since she loves to cook you can have a big pot and even put your little baby in it. 

Frozen’s Elsa & Anna might be a great choice for a lesbian couple expecting as a light blue glitter dress and a blonde braided wig with a browned hair braided more casual dress for Anna. I know they have Olaf costumes for dogs too because I made my rescue pitbull Bachelor be a snowman in Florida one year.

Princess Jasmin was the hardest because most pregnant women weren’t comfortable showing their stomach. Grab a light blue bathing suit top and some see thru pool coverup pants and add some thick jewelry to complete the look. If you don’t have black hair, they do sell black braided wigs.

What’s sleeping beauty’s real name? Aurora! A small crown and a pink stretchy dress is just the outfit needed to complete the pregnant sleeping beauty look. Since pregnant mommy’s are always tired, especially during the first trimester, it makes sense.

Brave the movie’s beautiful red headed princess named Merida was an easy one if your husband is a bow hunter. Curl your luscious locks and find a velvet green stretchy dress. You can re-wear it to church on Sunday too, or even for Christmas which follows only two months after Halloween.

My favorite of all the princesses Belle might need a purchase from the Disney store as a DIY yellow dress with white gloves just doesn’t look the same. This one will be the most costly and probably the most itchy of all the pregnant princess costume ideas. Sorry “brown eyed girls.”

As the clock strikes 12 midnight, most pregnant mommy’s will already be asleep.  Make sure your slippers are well placed when you recreate the Cinderella costume: light blue long stretchy dress, white gloves, and a black headband with blonde hair in an up do.

The little mermaid, also known as Ariel pregnant costume, has sea shells to cover her lady parts and the mermaid tails I found on amazon are very stretchy.  Just make sure you size up by 2 sizes because most times they are not true to size!



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