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Pukeology, the best pregnancy podcast, where laughter meets science! Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast starring Dr. PukeNoMo is perfect for all women who are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant and want to know answers to all their nauseating and uncomfortable pregnancy questions. The science behind it but as your best friend is giving you advice who just happens to be a doctor, and natural secrets to help those pregnant mommies enjoy their pregnancy. Our pregnancy podcast wouldn’t be complete without a few pregnancy puke stories that will give you the comical relief you need and tips to stop the up-chuckle. All in 30 under 30 minute digestible bites.

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Comedy + Science + Edutainment = Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast!

Best Pregnancy Podcast PUKEOLOGY by doctor and mom

If you are one of the 50,000 live listeners, or millions of Tiktok moms who follow me, and love Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast let me know with a 5 star rating or hearts for likes. A huge thank you for listening! Don’t forget to download these episodes but more importantly share with all your pregnant friends. Do you have a hilarious puke story that you want to be aired?  Or maybe you laughed so hard from a story that you heard on the pukeology podcast that puke came flying out of your nose?  I want to hear it!  Send me an email PUKEOLOGY@NOMONAUSEA.COM



Swollen feet when pregnant - best pregnancy podcast pukeology

Swollen feet when pregnant

Swollen feet when pregnant? Why do pregnant women get swollen feet? Our pregnancy doctor and host will explain 4 most common reasons women get swollen especially their feet and 8 great tips to help you decrease the swelling in your legs for all 3 trimesters.



How long does an epidural last? Best pregnancy podcast pukeology

How long does an epidural last?

Are you thinking about getting an epidural for pain relief during birth? Worried your numb legs will never come back? As a doctor and anesthesia provider I will tell you exactly how long does an epidural last & give you a sense of relief prior to making the decision about your birth-day. 



Can you get pregnant on your period? NoMo Nausea early morning sickness relief bands

 Can you get pregnant on your period?

Can you get pregnant on your period? As a pregnancy doctor, women are often surprised to find out they got pregnant while menstruating. Learn why some women get pregnant on their period and others don’t, the 5 factors related to the possibility of conception during your period, how to recognize the difference between pregnancy and menstrual symptoms, and precautions to prevent unplanned pregnancy.



What are the early signs of pregnancy?

How early pregnancy symptoms?

What are the early signs of pregnancy? Unlock the Secrets of Early Pregnancy! As a pregnancy doctor, I reveal the most crucial early signs to detect pregnancy, from implantation bleeding to food cravings. Don't miss this essential guide to ensure you're prepared for the miraculous journey ahead.



 Can a bracelet stop morning sickness? What causes morning sickness in pregnancy? NoMo Nausea morning sickness relief band

What causes morning sickness during pregnancy?

What causes morning sickness during pregnancy? Let's take a deep toilet dive into Unveiling the Causes of Morning Sickness During Pregnancy by your favorite pregnancy doctor. I'll help you understand the 6 causes of nausea during pregnancy including which hormones cause it? What changes in your new pregnancy body contribute to pregnancy sickness? And 7 natural ways to stop nausea that your OBGYN recommends including the most asked question "can a bracelet stop morning sickness?" in today's Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology Episode 93. How to stop morning sickness?



What week in pregnancy do you start producing milk?

 What week in pregnancy do you start producing milk?

 Happy National Breastfeeding Week! In honor of your boobs, your favorite pregnancy doctor is “leaking” the details of what week of pregnancy do you start producing milk? What hormones cause you to produce breastmilk? And what factors influence milk production? Plus breastfeeding tips and tricks on how to produce more milk when pumping & natural remedies to increase milk supply. And the “tea” that can actually help you produce more breastmilk!



Pregnancy terms and definitions - What terms you must know in pregnancy - Best Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology

Pregnancy Terms & Definitions

Pregnancy brings about a whole new world of language, with its own set of terms and definitions that may initially seem overwhelming. Let me, your favorite Pregnancy doctor & podcaster, help you navigate this journey with confidence by compiling a list of pregnancy terms you must know: hCG, embryo, fetus, genetic tests like amniocentesis, and basic labor knowledge. Finally, a doctor that speaks to me and answers What does induce labor mean? What does Effaced mean? And in pregnancy boards what is DPO and BFP mean?



A doctor holding a placenta. The placenta is an organ that develops during pregnancy. It serves as a vital link between the mother and the developing fetus. The placenta provides oxygen, nutrients, and removes waste products from the baby's blood, ensuring its growth and development. It also produces hormones that support pregnancy and helps protect the fetus from harmful substances. The doctor's gesture highlights the significance of the placenta in maintaining a healthy pregnancy. How to stop nausea and vomiting in the delivery room? Dr. Darna, inventor of NoMo Nausea pregnancy bracelet describes how can help in the Best Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology.

What does the placenta do?

Have you ever wondered how your growing baby gets oxygen and nutrients while still in the womb? The job is done by the placenta. As a doctor I’m going to go into a deep dive on what the placenta does, when does the placenta develop, how big is the placenta, and what phase of labor does it get delivered? Plus common problems with the placenta like placenta previa you need to be on the look out for.



A pregnant woman holding her belly and a pregnancy test, while Dr. Darna, our celebrity podcast host and pregnant doctor, provides insights on conception and ovulation. Dr. Darna explains that conception typically occurs around the time of ovulation when a mature egg is released from the ovary and can be fertilized by sperm. She offers valuable information about the timing of ovulation in women, emphasizing that it usually takes place approximately 12-14 days before the start of the next menstrual period. The image portrays the pregnant woman's anticipation and Dr. Darna's expertise, highlighting the podcast's educational content on fertility and pregnancy-related topics.

When Do Women Ovulate?

Are you trying to get pregnant? And want to know when is the perfect time to conceive? Or maybe you’re already pregnant and want to know
when you’re due! Our pregnancy doctor explains in plain English the connection between ovulation and conception and how to do all the calculations: fertility tracker & due date calculator.



A pregnant couple holding her belly and a pregnancy test, while Dr. Darna, our celebrity podcast doctor, explains implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding refers to light spotting or discharge that can occur when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the lining of the uterus during early pregnancy. Dr. Darna offers expert insights on this phenomenon, highlighting its normalcy and reassuring listeners that it is typically a harmless occurrence. The image captures the couple's engagement, emphasizing the informative nature of the podcast and Dr. Darna's expertise in addressing common pregnancy concerns. When does morning sickness start? Dr. Darna, inventor of NoMo Nausea pregnancy bracelet describes how can help in the Best Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology.

What Does Implantation Bleeding Look Like?

What does implantation bleeding look like? Find out as our pregnancy doctor breaks down these bleeding questions like: why do I bleed when the fertilized egg is implanted, how can that be mistaken for a period when your trying to get pregnant, and how to help naturally stop the cramps associated with implantation?

Listen to "What Does Implantation Bleeding Look Like? Best Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology Ep. 88" on Spreaker.



 A pregnant couple embracing, ready to deliver their baby. After childbirth, our pregnancy doctor Dr. Darna helps you determine when it is safe to resume sexual activity. Each individual's postpartum recovery can vary, and medical guidance is necessary to ensure optimal healing and well-being. The image captures the anticipation of the couple, reminding viewers to prioritize open communication with their healthcare professional for personalized advice on postpartum sexual activity. How to stop nausea and vomiting in the delivery room? Dr. Darna, inventor of NoMo Nausea pregnancy bracelet describes how can help in the Best Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology.

When Can I Start Having Sex After Giving Birth?

When can I start having sex after childbirth? Probably the most asked question that I, your favorite pregnancy doctor, gets asked. Learn how does having a baby affect your sex life, common sexual problems after delivery, and ways to strengthen your vaginally muscles after birth in this podcast.


Which is harder pregnancy or a newborn? Miserable pregnant woman with hand on low back on the left and woman with hand on head holding a newborn also distressed. Dr. Darna pregnant pregnancy doctor who goes by Dr. PukeNoMo from the Best Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology speaking into a podcast microphone with the episode number and a green toilet to symbolize morning sickness.

 Is pregnancy more difficult than a newborn?

What’s harder the pregnancy or newborn stage? As a pregnancy doctor and mom, I would have to say it all depends on the woman. Let’s go over the difficult experiences of being pregnant by trimester, plus what to expect when you’re expecting a newborn difficulties. I won’t leave you without some great pregnancy natural remedies to help all that ails you, and mom advice for getting your newborn in a routine to make your life easier. 

Listen to "What's Harder Pregnancy Or a Newborn - Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology Ep. 86" on Spreaker.



Are pregnant women more at risk for COVID? Pregnant woman sitting with a mask on holding her pregnant belly on the couch.  Dr. Darna pregnant pregnancy doctor who goes by Dr. PukeNoMo from the Best Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology speaking into a podcast microphone with the episode number and a green toilet to symbolize morning sickness

Are pregnant women at high risk for COVID?

Coronavirus has now become part of our genome, and with the rapidly spreading subvariants Omicron and Delta, pregnant women need to know the facts and whether they are at greater risk of contracting the virus while being pregnant. Our pregnancy doctor will discuss the immune system changes during pregnancy, firsthand knowledge of what to expect if you are delivering & breastfeeding while testing positive for coronavirus, treatment & prevention options for pregnant women testing positive for COVID-19, and answer questions like: Are pregnant women more at risk for COVID? Are pregnant women eligible for the COVID vaccine booster? Are pregnant women exempt from wearing a face mask?

Listen to "Are Pregnant Women At High Risk For COVID?" on Spreaker.




How does the pregnant uterus change? What are the different types of pregnant uterus?

 How does the Pregnant Uterus Change?

Want to know what to expect from one of the organ groups that does the most changing and grows 23x its original size… your uterus! I’m a pregnancy doctor who is answering all my pregnant patients’ questions including: How will my uterus change? What type of uterus do I have? Can problems in pregnancy be a result of the health of my uterus? Just read the our blog What kind of uterus do I have? (Hint: probably a anteverted uterus but pregnancy with bicornuate uterus is possible.)

Listen to "How Does The Pregnant Uterus Change? Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast EP. 84" on Spreaker.



Can you sleep on your back while pregnant? Best sleeping positions during pregnancy

 Can you sleep on your back while pregnant? 

Pregnant moms all want to know how long can you lay on your back while pregnant? Can you sleep on your back while pregnant? And when should you stop sleeping on back during pregnancy? Let our pregnancy doctor tell you about the best sleeping positions when pregnant and the why sleep is inhibited during every trimester. Plus natural ways to put you and your unborn baby to sleep fast.

Listen to "Can You Sleep On You're Back While Pregnant? Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology Ep. 83" on Spreaker.



World Health Organization Pregnancy Guidelines

WHO Pregnancy Guidelines

World Health Organization (WHO) helps define the WHO criteria for a healthier pregnancy specifically for gestational diabetes, breastfeeding, and even the WHO criteria for metabolic syndrome. Our doctor will teach you the science behind why WHO recommends a certain number of prenatal visits, pregnancy screening tests and immunizations, pregnancy nutrition guidelines especially for those who have gestational diabetes, and even when it’s safe to start trying for baby #2.

Listen to "WHO Pregnancy Guidelines - Pregnant Podcast Pukeology Ep. 82" on Spreaker.




 What does it feel like when your water breaks

 What does it feel like when your water breaks?

What does it feel like when your water breaks? Most pregnant women want to know if it’s like the movies or a slow trickle. Your favorite doctor is going to mythbuster this episode telling you how many cups when your water breaks, what to look for in color and smell, and complications if your water breaks too early. And as a mom myself, 7 important ways to prevent the post water breaking cleanup on your mattress, car, and expensive furniture.  

Listen to "What Does It Feel Like When Your Water Breaks Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Ep. 81" on Spreaker.



 Why is my belly sometimes hard and sometimes soft

Pregnant Belly Changes

 Why is my pregnant belly sometimes hard and other times soft? What is your body or your baby trying to tell you? If you’re pregnant and you’ve either looked up those 2 questions on google or thought it to yourself, this doctor led pregnancy podcast is made for you to learn the 5 most common reasons your pregnancy belly is hard or soft, when you need to worry and see your OBGYN, when it is totally normal to have a hard top portion of your pregnant belly and a soft bottom, and natural ways to stop bloating even while pregnant.

Listen to "Why Is My Pregnant Belly Sometimes Hard And Sometimes Soft? Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology Ep. 80" on Spreaker.




 Can you drink coffee while pregnant

 Caffeine during Pregnancy

Can I drink caffeine while being pregnant? I get this question all the time as a pregnancy doctor because every woman I know is looking for a little pep in their step in the mornings, but how much caffeine is too much? Find out what is the acceptable amount of coffee you can have per day while pregnant, what are the risks to your baby when consuming too much caffeine, and ways to reduce your caffeine cravings.




Birth plan for first time moms 

 Birth Plan for First Time Moms

Want a birth plan template? Or maybe ask a real doctor for the perfect birth plan checklist? Today is your lucky day, because this pregnant doctor is going to show you what a birth plan looks like, what are must haves on your birthing plan, and even tips for birthing recovery if you have a c-section or deliver vaginally. Trust me I’ve seen it all as a doctor, but a birth plan is needed. Let’s make one together!



 Why constipation in pregnancy

 Why constipation in pregnancy?

Do you feel all stopped up during this pregnancy? Learn why constipation is a staple during pregnancy, after a c-section, and natural laxatives that are safe during pregnancy to help you go poop by your favorite outrageous pregnancy doctor, ME!

Listen to "Why Constipation In Pregnancy? Pregnant Podcast Pukeology Ep. 77" on Spreaker.



 How to prevent a chemical pregnancy

What is a chemical pregnancy?

Did you know that 1/3 of all pregnancies end up as chemical pregnancies? You may have heard of the term miscarriage but what is a chemical pregnancy? Plus you'll learn what causes a chemical pregnancy, what happens to the baby during a chemical pregnancy, and does having one lower your chances of fertility. 

Listen to "What Is A Chemical Pregnancy? Pregnant Podcast Pukeology Episode 76" on Spreaker.



How long does it take to get pregnant 

When is the best time to get pregnant?

Hey google, when is the best time for me to get pregnant? And if I haven’t gotten pregnant yet, how long does it take? As a pregnancy doctor these are the two questions that I get most frequently about fertility. Get real medical answers to when are you the most fertile plus the fertility diet handbook including fertility foods that increase fertility in females, vitamins to increase sperm volume, and even sperm count increase foods.

Listen to "How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant? Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology Ep. 75" on Spreaker.


 When does an embryo become a fetus

When does an embryo become a fetus?

Take a journey thru your baby’s life from conception all the way thru birth. Pregnancy is a miracle of the body and as a doctor I can’t wait to explain every week in gestation and what organs are forming. From when does an embryo become a fetus to at what age will my baby be viable.

Listen to "When Does An Embryo Become A Fetus? Growing Babies Journey! Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology Ep. 74" on Spreaker.



 when can you hear the babies heartbeat

When can you hear the babies heartrate?

Listening to your baby’s heartbeat for the first time is a moment no mother can forget, and you’re probably wondering when can you heart the baby heartbeat? Or what is the normal fetal heart rate based on gestational age? Let me, your favorite pregnancy doctor, tell you all about it plus give you a fetal heart rate by weeks chart you won't find anywhere else. 

Listen to "When Can You Hear The Babies Heartrate? Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology Ep. 73" on Spreaker.



how to get the baby to move in utero 

How to get the baby to move in utero?

 You’re probably in your 2nd trimester and just felt your baby move, it almost feels like a gas bubble or a little flutter. The kicks will become stronger and movement is a good thing during pregnancy, so how do we get the baby to move in utero if we get worried our kick count has decreased. Here's the 5 best ways to get your baby to move in the womb, causes of increased and decreased fetal movement, and what your baby is trying to tell you.  And what kind of doctor would I be without telling you 5 ways to help your baby calm down and stop kicking you at night.

Listen to "How To Get The Baby To Move In Utero Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology Ep 72" on Spreaker.


how to conceive twins

How to conceive twins?

Do you want to conceive twins but you have no twins in your family? Or maybe you want to do a one and done pregnancy and get 2 for the price of 1? This famous pregnancy doctor will discuss types of twins, 8 interesting facts you probably didn’t know about twins, and natural ways to help you get pregnant with twins. 

Listen to "How To Conceive Twins Doctor's Edition Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology Ep. 71" on Spreaker.


 what causes preeclampsia

What causes preeclampsia?

Preeclampsia definition is a medical term for severe pregnancy high blood pressure, and you’re probably wondering what causes it? The questions for a mom with preeclampsia don't just stop there but how far along in your pregnancy can you still be at risk, what does it mean for you if you have been diagnosed, and natural remedies that are backed by science of course? Learn about other risk factors for high blood pressure in pregnancy and what does preeclampsia mean for you and the health of your baby. 

Listen to "What Causes Preeclampsia? Pregnancy Podcast Pukeokogy Episode 70" on Spreaker.


 Are airbags safe during pregnancy

Are airbags safe during pregnancy?

Are airbags safe during pregnancy? A common concerned pregnant mom question who travels for work. Don’t worry this doctor will give you all the airbag safety statistics during pregnancy and comfortable adjustments you need to make especially during your third trimester.



 Why do pregnant women throw up during delivery

Why do pregnant women throw up during delivery?

Did you know over 75% of deliveries have nausea or vomiting? Let’s get into why pregnant women throw up during delivery, what your body is trying to tell you, and natural anti-nausea remedies you can try that work in seconds. Our doctor is spewing all the details to give you the BIRTH-Day you’ve always dreamed about.



 Will my baby have an allergy if I eat peanuts

Will I give my baby an allergy if I eat peanut butter during pregnancy?

Pregnant women wonder if what they ate during pregnancy can cause their unborn baby to have food allergies. As a pregnancy doctor, I can’t wait to tell you the truth behind why babies get allergies, what are the 9 most common food allergens, and how to incorporate highly allergic foods slowly into your babies diet and when it’s the right time.

Listen to "Will I Give My Baby An Allergy If I Eat Peanuts While Pregnant? Pregnancy Podcast Ep. 67" on Spreaker.



 can I wear high heels during pregnancy

Can I wear high heels pregnant?

Pregnancy fashion and pregnant clothing trends shouldn't involve high heels and here's why. Back pain, cramps in your calf muscles, altered balance, lower limb swelling, and even potential miscarriage can all be as a result of wearing high heels for extended periods of time. Find out why our fashionable shoes can cause all these problems, and replacement ideas that will still complete your perfect pregnant outfit.

Listen to "Can I Wear High Heels When Pregnant? Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology Episode 66" on Spreaker.



 Natural remedies for pregnancy fatigue

Why do I feel tired when pregnant?

Why do I feel tired while pregnant? If this sounds like you pregnant sleeping beauty you’re in luck, I, your favorite pregnancy doctor will tell you the science behind pregnancy exhaustion in all 3 trimesters and how to boost your energy levels naturally! 

Listen to "Why Do I Feel Tired While Pregnant? Pregnancy Podcast Episode 65" on Spreaker.


 What do braxton hicks contractions feel like

What causes braxton hicks contractions?

What’s the difference between Braxton Hicks contractions and real labor? What do Braxton Hicks feel like? What causes Braxton Hicks? Get the answer to these third trimester questions plus 4 simple ways to stop Braxton Hicks contractions by your favorite podcasting physician.

Listen to "What Causes Braxton Hicks Contractions Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 64" on Spreaker.



 how accurate is clear blue pregnancy test

How accurate are pregnancy tests?

Pregnancy tests can be confusing but they don’t have to be, so let me, your favorite pregnancy doctor walk you thru how do pregnancy tests work, how accurate are pregnancy tests, and what to do if you get a positive or negative test. It might surprise you the amount of time you should wait before you take another one.  And if you’re trying to get pregnant, here’s 3 natural ways to help make a boy or a girl.

Listen to "How Accurate Are Pregnancy Tests? Episode 63" on Spreaker.



 why am I not getting pregnant

What is the most common cause of infertility in females of childbearing age? 

You're probably asking yourself why am I not getting pregnant? If you've said this you're not alone. Many fertile couples are having trouble getting pregnant and it's called idopathic infertility. As a doctor, I'm here to to lay out several reasons why you might not be getting pregnant plus lots of things your infertility doctor didn't tell you. 

Listen to "Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant? Infertility Podcast Episode 62" on Spreaker.



 Why do babies get hiccups in the womb?

 Why do babies get hiccups in the womb?

Have you ever felt your belly popping and it’s not a baby kick? You’re baby has the hiccups! I’m the doctor that’s going to tell you why babies get hiccups in the womb, what causes hiccups in utero, how to stop fetal hiccups because they can be really uncomfortable for mom, and when you should be concerned. Plus a science packed way to stop adult hiccups in seconds. 

Listen to "Why Do Babies Get Hiccups In The Womb?" on Spreaker.


why do pregnant women get heartburn

Why heartburn in pregnancy?

Are you pregnant & just recently experienced burning in the back of your throat? That’s heartburn, and even if you’ve never experienced it even after eating spicy tacos you now have heartburn thanks to your pregnancy. Why do pregnant women get heartburn? It’s a multitude of factors and some of them might shock you. Plus what causes heartburn to get worse, and 9 ways to help stop heartburn in pregnancy.

Listen to "Why Do Pregnant Women Get Heartburn? Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology Episode 60" on Spreaker.



 Is acupuncture safe during pregnancy

Is acupuncture safe during pregnancy?

Are their natural medical alternatives to going under needles?” These are my favorite question as a naturopathic physician. The answer is YES! Learn the science behind what is acupuncture, how acupuncture works, plus how pregnant women are helped relieve morning sickness, low back pain, depression, headaches, sleep disturbances, and even flip a breeched baby during this pregnancy acupuncture edition. But if you’re like most women and you hate going under needles, you’ll love this alternative called acupressure.

Listen to "Is Acupuncture Safe During Pregnancy? Pregnant Pukeology Podcast Episode 59" on Spreaker.



Will my belly button go back to normal after the pregnancy

Belly button changes during pregnancy

What happened to my belly button this pregnancy? Don’t worry this doc is about to tell you all about belly button changes when you’re pregnant from what to expect during your 3rd trimester to what is the purpose of your babies belly button & how to keep it clean. Plus learn the 6 different types of pregnant belly buttons and how pregnancy changes all of them. Get answers to “will my belly button go back to normal after pregnancy?”  And “can you change the shape of your baby’s belly button with old wives tales?”

Listen to "Belly Button Changes During Pregnancy - Pregnant Podcast Pukeology" on Spreaker.



when will I start showing a pregnancy bump

When do you start showing in pregnancy?

For every woman it’s different, but there’s actually 7 contributing factors as to when your baby will pop out and a baby bump chart showing all different types of beautiful bumps, which one are you?  Don’t forget I have tips too like 8 natural ways to prevent stretch marks during your pregnancy. 

Listen to "When Do You Start Showing A Baby Bump - Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Ep. 57" on Spreaker.



what does genetic testing show in pregnancy

Genetic Testing In-Utero

Are you a pregnant mama in your thirties? If you are, this podcast is perfect for you as were talking about what does genetic testing show, 5 different types of tests from both screening and diagnostic, and how to have a healthy pregnancy over 35 and stay fertile.

Listen to "What Does Genetic Testing Show When Pregnant? Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 56" on Spreaker.



Which pregnancy hormones cause mood swings

All hormones during pregnancy

What are the pregnancy hormones and what do they do to a pregnant woman? Learn the science behind what does HCG, lactogen, estrogen & progesterone do during pregnancy, what are the normal ranges by week in pregnancy, and ways to help reduce pregnancy mood swings.

Listen to "What Are The Pregnancy Hormones - Pregnant Pukeology Podcast Ep 55" on Spreaker.



What causes your water to break when pregnant

What causes your water to break when pregnant?

 I get asked this question all the time as a physician, so let’s get into the science of the amniotic fluid, what causes your water to break, can the weather cause it to break sooner, and natural ways to speed up labor and safely induce your water to break. Plus I can’t wait to tell you what to look for, what you should do immediately after, and why time of your water breaking is so important for you and the soon-to-be newborn babies health. 

Listen to "What Causes Your Water To Break When Pregnant? Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 54" on Spreaker.



what can I take for congestion while pregnant

Pregnancy Congestion: What can I take for congestion while pregnant?

Are you pregnant & have a stuffy nose all day long? I bet no one told you about pregnancy rhinitis, so I will because 18-24% will have this unexpected wonderful side effect that a majority of you will struggle with called nasal congestion.  You will learn why 1/5 of all pregnant women get it, the symptoms of pregnancy congestion which can lead to headaches, and 6 natural ways to help naturally prevent nasal congestion in pregnancy.
Listen to "Pregnancy Sinus Congestion & What Can I Take For Congestion While Pregnant - Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 53" on Spreaker.
Is it safe to get a vaccine while pregnant

Is it safe to get a flu shot while pregnant?

To get vaccinated or not to vaccinate now that is the question especially while you are pregnant. This pregnancy edition of the flu shot science is to help you best understand what the flu shot is, any risks to the unborn baby, and medical recommendations about the flu shot in pregnancy so you can make up your mind as to whether or not you’ll go under the needle.
Listen to "Is It Safe To Get A Flu Shot While Pregnant? Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 52" on Spreaker.

When do most miscarriages occur?

Did you know that 1 in 4 women have miscarriages, but why? And when do miscarriages happen? You’ll get answers to these heart retching questions plus recommendations as to when to get pregnant after a miscarriage. If you are part of the 25%, you’re not alone, and although it can never stop the pain of your loss, these rainbow baby stories might help.  Remember we’re in this together.

Listen to "Why Do Miscarriages Happen - Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 51" on Spreaker.

how many weeks to know sex of the baby

When do you find out the sex of the baby?

Am I having a boy or a girl? Depends on these 4 different medical technologies for gender prediction. Plus how accurate is a Chinese conception chart, and the science behind some old wives tales that can tell you the signs and symptoms if you’re having a boy or girl in early pregnancy.  

Listen to "When Do You Find Out The Sex Of The Baby? Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 50" on Spreaker.



Why do pregnant women crave pickles - Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 49

Why do pregnant women crave pickles?

What are your pregnancy cravings and what is your body trying to tell you?  Get the 9 most common pregnancy cravings like pickles. Learn which taste bud is responsible, and what nutrients you could be lacking by not giving into your food cravings.

Listen to "Pregnancy Cravings: Why Do Pregnant Women Crave Pickles? Pukeology Podcast Episode 49" on Spreaker.



Hips before and after pregnancy

Birthing Hips: Hips Before and After Pregnancy

Ever wonder how do your hips prepare for childbirth? Or how babies skulls are made to allow for squeezing thru small spaces at birth? Get ready to learn about how your body changes to get ready for delivery, exercises designed to get your hips ready for birthing, and the most common type of pregnant hip pain. Plus 4 natural ways to reduce hip pain during pregnancy!

Listen to "Birthing Hips & How To Cure Hip Pain During Pregnancy Pregnant Pukeology Podcast Episode 48" on Spreaker.

What makeups to avoid during pregnancy and why - Pregnant Podcast Pukeology Episode 47

Pregnancy "glow" Skincare for Pregnant Women

Have you ever wondered why all pregnant women have a “glow” about them? I’m about to tell you how your skin changes during pregnancy: the good, the bad, and the ugly what gives you that pregnancy glow plus weird skin conditions that no one talks about during your pregnancy. Here’s a bonus, a list unsafe makeup brands & hair care products to avoid.



Cardiovascular changes during pregnancy

Cardiovascular Changes during Pregnancy

 Did you know your heart changes when you’re pregnant?  All women’s heart physiologically will change during pregnancy, so cardiac abnormalities are surprisingly common.  Have you ever wondered why pregnant women are so emotional? The science behind pregnant mood swings reveled. And a list heart symptoms  you want to watch out for. Plus the best ways to stay level headed & level heart'ed throughout your pregnancy.

Listen to "Common Pregnancy Heart Conditions Pregnant Pukeology Podcast Episode 46" on Spreaker.



Why do pregnancy farts smell so bad? 

 Pregnancy Gas

Why am I so gassy while pregnant? If you've ever wondered this or why do pregnancy farts smell so bad? This podcast is perfect for you to hear the real science behind cutting the cheese. Plus get tips on natural gas x for pregnancy, pregnancy safe laxatives, plus stool softeners that are safe in pregnancy to use in combination with your prenatal vitamin that will help your booty out.

Listen to "Pregnancy Gas & Why Do Pregnancy Farts Smell So Bad Pregnant Pukeokogy Podcast Episode 45" on Spreaker.

Pregnancy Safe Exercises 

Safe Pregnancy Exercises

Can I exercise while pregnant? Of course but choose wisely! This pregnancy podcast episode will tell you which physical activity is recommended for pregnancy and why, but also tell you what sports put pressure on the uterus and why overheating is dangerous during your three trimesters.



Pregnancy Skin Conditions

Pregnancy Skin Conditions: Why am I so itchy?

Have you ever seen a pregnant woman scratching their belly and wonder why is she so itchy? Learn the 6 most common causes of skin irritation during pregnancy, and 8 natural remedies to help you not to scratch the largest organ of your body, the skin. Pregnant skin will glow after today’s Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 43, Pregnancy Skin & Why Am I So Itchy?

Listen to "Pregnancy Skin Problems: Why Am I So Itchy? Pregnant Pukeology Podcast Episode 43" on Spreaker.



How does pregnancy affect sleep patterns

Pregnancy's affect on sleep

Need Sleep? If you’re like most women, over 70% struggle with going to bed and even more when you’re pregnant.  Learn the science behind both the psychological and physiological factor causing you not to be able to get pregnancy sleep in any trimester by using studies of the early cave woman. Followed by 4 of the best natural remedies that you have right in your kitchen to help you get the over the moon kind of sleep.

Listen to "Pregnancy Affecting Sleep? Natural Sleep Rememdies Pregnant Pukeology Podcast Episode 42" on Spreaker.

Signs to Call Your Doctor when Pregnant Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 41

When to Call Your Doctor During Pregnancy

Should I call my OBGYN? You must call your doctor when you’re having the following 20 symptoms. Signs to call your doctor when pregnant is what this whole podcast is about. Curious about what is major and minor issues during your pregnancy? I will tell you! And household remedies to subside minor pregnancy problems too.



How to calculate your due date

Due Date Calculator: How to Find Your Due Date

When is my due date? This breaks down the 4 most common due date calculator methods using science and ovulation patterns. Not only the science of how to calculate when you will see your little baby but also how to check your date given by your doctor. Remember if you have done invitrofertilization in order to get pregnant your calculations are different, and if you want to have a baby we will go thru how you can tell when you’re ovulating.  Did you know you smell, see, and act different when you’re fertile? Find out more only here in this podcast.

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Labor and delivery Birthing Edition

What to Expect When Your Expecting: Birthing

You're about to celebrate your BIRTH-DAY! Do you know about the labor and delivery process?  You will after reading this. The Bradley method of delivery, precipitous labor, birthing ball, water birthing, a forceps delivery, and then what an urgent c-section looks like. And don't forget tips to help you get thru labor pains.
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Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

Need breastfeeding tips on how to maintain a good breastfeeding latch for your baby, or how to increase your milk production? Learn the 4 best breastfeeding holds that will give you the best latch, 8 ways to increase your breast milk production naturally, yummy lactation cookie recipe, and even tandem feeding tips too!

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High Risk Pregnancy When to see a Perinatologist Pregnant Pukeology Podcast Ep 37

High Risk Pregnancy Complications

Do I need to see a pregnancy specialist, am I considered high risk? We are about to find out! You will also learn what classifies a high risk pregnancy by identifying the 13 of the most common groups of moms who need to see a perinatologist, and some helpful hints to aid you along in this pregnancy that anyone could use.

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Cramps during Pregnancy: From Implantation Cramps to Early Pregnancy Cramps & Beyond

 Cramps during Pregnancy: From Implantation Cramps to Early Pregnancy Cramps & Beyond

What do cramps during pregnancy mean? This podcast will breakdown the difference between implantation cramps, before you’re pregnant, to the difference of what cramping means by each trimester. And 7 natural ways to help reduce cramps all over your body.


 Episiotomy & Perineal Tears: What You Need to Know After a Vaginal Delivery

Episiotomy & Perineal Tears: What You Need to Know After a Vaginal Delivery

Episiotomy and perineal tears are the two words that give most pregnant women anxiety about a vaginal child birth. I’m here to be the voice of medical reason and let you know what is an episiotomy is, the different types of perineal tears, how vaginal tears are graded, and potential complications post-delivery. Learn the truth about what factors that can cause a change in vaginal elasticity, how quickly your vagina will heal, and 4 exercises to tighten your vagina so no one ever knows you’ve had a child.



Pooping While Giving Birth

Pooping While Giving Birth: Do You Poop While Giving Birth?

Will I poop during delivery? One of the most questions I get. Learn what are your chances you'll actually poop on the table, why does poop happen when your delivering, if epidurals increase the chances of pooping, whether or not the myth about giving birth in a toilet is true, and natural birth tips to help you not be the labor and delivery statistic that poops.

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Coronavirus in Pregnancy: What You Need to Know about COVID-19 being Pregnant

What Pregnant Women Need to Know about Coronavirus COVID-19

Are you currently pregnant during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic? It’s natural to feel concerned but please don’t get stressed out because you need to keep your immune system in tip top shape for the health of you and your baby. To help ease the fear, it is important to know what is coronavirus (COVID-19), what are the symptoms of coronavirus, effects of the coronavirus and pregnancy, how to manage the COVID-19 virus in pregnancy, breastfeeding recommendations, and ways to help prevent acquiring the coronavirus in pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Brain & Memory Loss after Pregnancy Podcast Pukeology

Pregnancy Brain: The Science Behind Why Women Forget While Pregnant & for 2 years!

Pregnancy brain, sometimes called “mom brain or baby brain” refers to attention and memory lapses during pregnancy. Baby brain is real. About 80% of expectant women report forgetting things that once remembered with ease. Although many studies show that women experience a remarkable decline in the key cognitive skills, scientists confirm that the mom brain has a purpose. We will discuss why we get pregnancy brain, when our brain goes back to normal, and ways to help improve your memory during pregnancy. 

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Sciatica during Pregnancy: Let's talk about the pain in your butt

Is this pregnancy a pain in your butt? Literally, a pain in your back called sciatica. This episode 31 explains what is sciatic back pain, what causes sciatica during pregnancy, and 10 incredibly helpful ways to ease and stop back pain naturally.




How sweet of a pregnant woman are you? Gestational Diabetes symptoms

 What is Gestational Diabetes? At your 24th- 28th week you will find out, and this podcast is perfect to inform you on what to expect, how high blood sugar affects your baby, and a Gestational Diabetes Diet Plan that is easy to follow and healthy for you both.  Do you have Gestational Diabetes Mellitus? If so I can help you manage your diet to keep from having sugar spikes with awesome snack ideas. This plus learn what you should be eating and find your perfect gestational diabetes diet.




New Years resolutions while pregnant that you can keep!

 Are you ready for 2020? Here are 8 New Years Resolutions for pregnant women that you can actually keep and will make you and baby look and feel better in the New Year. Today you will learn the science behind pregnancy statistics if you stick with these 8 New Years Resolutions, and tips and tricks to make that possible.  Let's welcome in 2020 with the best version of yourself and the healthiest baby you can deliver next year. 



Putting the C in cut, a cesarean section

Did you know that over 20% of all births will end up in a c section? Unless you know of prior complications or pregnant health concerns as to why you’re going to be a scheduled cut, many of us do not think our birthing experience will end with a scar. Here’s what you really need to know about a cesarean section from why you might need one, a doctors reason for being quick with the knife, ways to avoid a c section with helpful recovery tips, and what a spinal anesthesia is and how does it give pain relief for the procedure.




How to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks 

Pregnancy stretch marks ladies? The irritating skin scars that no one wants, but that some may already have from puberty.  Learn how to prevent them by understanding what stretch marks are, how the 2 different classes of stretch marks can be treated, and 8 natural ways to prevent stretch marks during your pregnancy by buying the best stretch mark cream.



Best baby shower gifts & baby registry buys

With all the baby items and gadgets, how do I know what I will need, what needs to go on my baby registry, and what items I should buy for the baby before their arrival? Here are the top 10 items every mom must have on their baby registry, and the answers to how much time each of these baby gadgets will save you (and are they really worth the money?) Get ready to learn the fascinating shopping patterns of pregnant women and how big chains know your pregnant even before you do if you buy these 21 hot topic items.



Sonogram Science: Seeing your baby

Are you excited to see your baby sonogram? I know you are, but your probably wondering how is it used to find out if your baby is healthy and if you’re having a boy or girl. What’s the difference between a 3d baby ultrasound and a 4d sonogram? And why most women only get 2 ultrasounds their entire pregnancy!




Pregnancy for Dads: What to Expect when your Expecting Fathers Guide

 Is your wife losing her mind? Learn the science behind all of her symptoms: pregnancy brain, gastrointestinal dysfunction (aka pregnancy sickness), and adrenal hormonal surges during each of her pregnancy trimesters.  My podcast wouldn’t be complete without some natural items to eat, buy, or activities to try to help increase your memory, decrease morning sickness, and decrease side effects of pregnancy induced hyperthyroidism. 




Signs of ectopic symptoms & tubal pregnancy

Do you have ectopic pregnancy pain? Wondering what an ectopic pregnancy is? Here are the signs of an ectopic pregnancy and tubal pregnancy symptoms that could possibly reveal if you are having a tubal pregnancy. Did you know that there are potential risk factors that put you at an increased risk for having one? If this unfortunate event does happen, here are 3 treatment options will also be discussed after a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, and the probability having a successful pregnancy after having an ectopic.



Vaginal Discharge in Pregnancy with a color chart. What's your vagina telling you!

Do your panties look like Charlotte’s web just blew her nose in your underwear? Want to know if what’s coming out of your vagina is normal? What does a yeast infection feel like? What's the difference between BV and a yeast infection? Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 22: Vaginal Discharge talks about every color, odor, and what to do to naturally treat every vagina. This episode you will learn the science behind why your vagina gives off different color discharge, different smells, and what is it trying to tell you to keep you and your baby safe.  Most importantly 12 remedies you can do at home to help treat the vaginal discharge.  



What is a VBAC? Vaginal Birth after C-Section & rules for candidacy to have a successful VBAC 

What is a VBAC? I thought there were only 2 types of Deliveries! I’m here to teach you all about what to expect on BIRTH DAY. From vaginal deliveries, c-sections, to VBAC’s so you’ll welcome your beautiful baby and know what to expect in today’s Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 21 What is VBAC? VBAC vs Cesarean. In this episode you will learn the science behind a VBAC. What it is the result when it is performed successfully? And possible complications that could potentially arise which would lead you to having a c-section. A birth plan doesn’t always go as planned, and babies come whenever they are ready unless helped by modern medicine, so here are 5 of the most helpful tips to anticipate the unexpected with grace.  



Pregnancy Symptoms by Trimester: What to expect when your expecting in the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd

Want to know what each trimester has in store? Or maybe your desperate for natural relief from pregnancy symptoms like: morning sickness, leg and back cramps, breast tenderness, or swollen feet. Then Pregnancy Symptoms by Pregnancy Trimesters Episode 20 is the Pregnant 
Pukeology Podcast for you! In this episode you will learn the science behind the categorical changes that pregnant women go thru in each of the 3 trimesters. From why you get wolf like smelling, pain in your pelvis (even when everything is okay), and a bladder of a peanut. Most importantly I’ll help you relieve the 7 most common uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms naturally.



Sex During Pregnancy: Love it or Hate it and here's why...

Is it safe to have sex while pregnant? Get answers to the most common sexy questions and learn how to have fun in this Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 19: Sex during pregnancy. In this episode you will learn the science behind how safe sex is during all stages of your pregnancy, can sex induce labor, and a list of sex positions to try while you are pregnant.



Flying While Pregnant: A pregnancy travel guide with restrictions and limitations for every airline

Can pregnant women fly? Is a cruise while pregnant a good idea? Get the answers to all of your vacation questions in Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 18 Traveling While Pregnant.  In this episode you will learn the science behind why flying after 36 weeks is considered dangerous, why cruiselines won’t let you on after 6 months, and why long road trips just aren’t wise pregnant. But we have helpful hints to make your travel plans a success regardless if your traveling by land, sea, or by air.  And I did all the research for you for airlines and cruiselines to tell you which ones you can travel on and which ones need paperwork before boarding. 



First Prenatal Visit: Everything You Need to Know for Your First OB Appointment

Are you pregnant with your 1st baby and are about to have your first OB appointment? If so then our Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode17 is perfect for you. Dr. PukeNoMo answers what a baby doctor is looking at when you first show up in their office, the 9 physical exam components of your first prenatal visit, and 10 questions you need to ask to find your perfect provider to deliver your pride and joy. 



Pregnancy Diet: What to Eat during Pregnancy

What to eat during pregnancy? You are what you eat, and you're growing a human, so a healthy pregnant diet extremely important. Learn the perfect
pregnancy diet and doctor recommended
amounts of food to eat when pregnant. You'll also get the answers to what and how much of each food group you should be consuming, the nutritional value of food versus pill vitamins, and the real storybehind good fats and salt. And the doctor will discuss 15
great low carb snacks to help you maintain a
healthy pregnancy weight.



Second Pregnancy Symptoms: NOT What to Expect When You're Expecting 

Are you pregnant with your 2nd or third child? If so congrats, but I'm sure you still qant answers to the most common questions second time moms have
including bodily changes, belly size, aches & pains, and the birthing experience and what's different from your first pregnancy. And our resident doctor will discuss preventative ways to avoid the negative effects of being pregnant a second time, and tips on how to make the most of being pregnant again so you can enjoy it this time.  

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Baby Gender Predictor: Am I Having a Boy or Girl? Find out before the doctor tells you! Tips on how to Make a Boy or Girl

Am I having a Boy? Am I having a Girl? Most common myths like does the shape of your bump, the Chinese gender calendar, you’re husbands type of underwear, or sex positions really determine if you’re having a boy or a girl? And she’ll discuss the legend behind ancient boy or girl calendars, while giving real life advice on how to make a baby of the desired sex.

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Early Signs of Pregnancy & Early Pregnancy Symptoms 

Pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester are finally demystified to answer your questions "Am I Pregnant?" and if so how do you know. What are the early signs of pregnancy? What are the chances of miscarriage? And can I have period cramps or blood while pregnant? Listen and learn how your body changes at just 8 weeks pregnant.

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Pregnancy Weight Gain. How Much Weight Should I Gain During My Pregnancy?

How much weight should they gain during this pregnancy? Learn why my doctor tells me I should be a certain weight, pregnancy weight gain by week estimates that are better than a pregnancy weight gain calculator, and tips on how to properly eat for two. Pregnancy weight gain chart does exist but who has time for that.  Just listen and get all the pregnancy weight gain advice you need all in one place. 



Frequent Urination in Pregnancy from Early Signs to Pregnancy to 3rd Trimester Pregnancy 

Want to know why am I always peeing during pregnancy, why I feel like I've lost control of my bladder, and 5 tips that actually work to help regain your pelvic floor muscles during and after the baby is born.  This episode will also give you the laughter and science behind the pregnant bladder in all 3 trimesters to ultimately to give you the answers you've been searching for.



How Long is Pregnancy? Full Term Pregnancy Weeks to Months: Hint Pregnancy is 10 months

So I've heard pregnancy is 10 months and not 9, why? Want to know the real answer to how long pregnancy is, what determines whether or not your baby is considered pre-term, and how to induce labor naturally once you're nine months pregnant.  Don't forget that this episode will give you the science behind why women have preterm labor or go way past their due date mixed in with some hilarious pregnant stories.  



Heartburn During Pregnancy & Home Remedies for Acid Reflux

 Are you having a heartburn pregnancy? Here are some home remedies for acid reflux or heartburn during pregnancy that actually work! This pregnancy podcast will also tell you what foods to avoid, and the answers to how indigestion medication functions. The difference between heartburn and morning sickness & our podcast wouldn’t be complete without a few pregnancy puke stories that will make you laugh, since we have them. 

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How to cure a Migraine Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast

How to cure a Migraine? Home Remedies for Headache

 Want to know how to cure a migraine the natural way? Or maybe why in your 2nd trimester you are getting wicked headaches? How to cure a migraine Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 8 is perfect for you as you will learn the science behind the types of headaches including: the tension headache, the constant headache, and what causes headaches versus what is a migraine.  And 3 replicable ways the Emergency Room uses for a migraine treatment that you can do at home. Home migraine remedies and headache cures are not just great for pregnant women but for anyone who suffers, so feel free to share this episode with all your friends. 



Hurricane Preparedness Pregnancy Survival Kit

Hurricane Preparedness Pregnancy Checklist: What every survival kit needs

National Hurricane Center has a hurricane tracker to let us know all the storm updates during hurricane season, especially with huge storms like Hurricane Irma, but they aren't specific on what threats it poses to pregnant women.  Hurricane Preparedness Pregnancy Checklist Pregnant Pukeology Podcast Episode 7 with Dr. PukeNoMo gives a real life mythbuster answer to whether or not a low barometric pressure during the storm can cause pregnant women to go into labor, what the best disaster preparedness kit while pregnant has, and healthy non perishable food that you will actually want to eat.



Severe Morning Sickness is called Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Severe Morning Sickness: Do I have Hyperemesis Gravidarum?

Ever wonder if your morning sickness is normal?  Or what defines Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a severe form of pregnancy nausea and vomiting?  Severe Morning Sickness Pukeology Podcast Episode 6 will answer all of these questions and more.  Finally, learning all the treatment options for pregnant women with severe morning sickness.

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Foods to Avoid While Pregnant

Foods To Avoid While Pregnant: Learn what foods not to eat while pregnant & why

Ever wondered what foods to avoid while pregnant? Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 5 will tell you what pregnancy foods to avoid like; why I can't eat sushi, lunch meat, or certain fish when pregnant? What can happen if you eat the wrong pregnancy diet? And what are some natural solutions to help those pregnant mommies enjoy their pregnancy.  You can even learn the science behind why pregnant women have a lower immunity. Our podcast wouldn’t be complete without a few pregnancy cravings and puke stories that will give you the comical relief you need and tips to stop the up-chuckle.



Home Remedies for Vomiting

Home Remedies for Vomiting: Learn 7 innovate ways to stop morning sickness naturally!

Looking for Home Remedies for Nausea or Home Remedies for Vomiting? These 7 natural ways to stop nausea actually work from what to eat, how to distract your brain, and other natural alternatives like complimentary & alternative medicine and essential oils.



Prenatal vitamins you should take 

Why take prenatal vitamins? Best Prenatal Vitamins to Take and Why

Tired of hard to swallow horse pill prenatal vitamins? You will learn why you need to take prenatal vitamins, which are the best pre natal vitamins, and how to get the same nutrients from foods naturally.


What is morning sickness like

What is morning sickness like? 

WARNING this episode is graphic and contains hilarious puke stories to drive these answers home like: what is morning sickness like, does pregnancy nausea only come in the morning, and what are some natural solutions to help those pregnant mommies enjoy their pregnancy?



When does morning sickness start

When does morning sickness start?

Dr. PukeNoMo answers the science behind why women puke in their first trimester, followed by answers to the age old question of when does morning sickness start, how common is morning sickness, why is it called morning sickness when it is all day nausea, and what are some natural solutions to help those pregnant mommies enjoy their pregnancy?