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   Pukeology, where laughter meets science! Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast starring Dr. PukeNoMo is perfect for all women who are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant and want to know what is morning sickness like, does pregnancy nausea only come in the morning, and what are some natural solutions to help those pregnant mommies enjoy their pregnancy. The science behind why women puke due to morning sickness & our podcast wouldn’t be complete without a few pregnancy puke stories that will give you the comical relief you need and tips to stop the up-chuckle. Comedy + Science + Edutainment = Pukeology Podcasts in Pregnancy

   Do you have a hilarious puke story that you want to be aired?  Or maybe you laughed so hard from a story that you heard on the pukeology podcast that puke came flying out of your nose?  I want to hear it!  Send me an email PUKEOLOGY@NOMONAUSEA.COM



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